What’s up with Rebellin Linux?

A lot. Actually. You must have already noticed that the site now features an ultra simple and functional design. That’s exactly what makes it beautiful too! First thing first, Rebellin v3 will be out on Monday, Novermber 2nd, 2015. Yes, that’s a long wait. But it will be worth it, I assure you.

So, onwards with Rebellin. Firstly, there are two products coming up with this Rebellin Release:

  1. From Noob to Ninja: Linux Command Line – A book for beginners who would like to master the art of Linux Command Line Administration.
  2. Mastering AngularJS – a book for Javascript beginners who would like to learn how to build single-page web applications using AngularJS – an amazing Javascript framework by Google.

Plus, there are many more features being added to Rebellin. The big complaint was ‘Font Rendering’. This has been fixed. Rebellin v3 will feature superior font-rendering throughout the system – whether it’s system menus, apps or sites in a browser. Compiz Fusion is one more most requested feature for the Mate version. I’m still working on this part. 🙂

I’ll also include a fully functional question-answer type module in the website. Something similar to Ask Ubuntu. I think such a support model fares better than traditional forums.

A new Rebellin Manual will also be made available. This will be beneficial for users a lot. Firstly, with PDF I get better control over the formatting. Secondly, it’s easier for users to print the whole thing as a reference. They don’t have to go online every now and then. Thirdly, updated copies of the manual would be delivered to users automatically. The manual will feature not just Rebellin related tutorials but Linux has a whole. The mission is to help users learn and gain solid Linux skills.

I’m also working on a web service. I won’t discuss this right now as I’m not targeting Rebellin v3 release date for the service. It will take some time. May be by February 2016 I’ll launch it. Anyway. It will be very useful and of course, free! 😉

This has been quite a busy year so far. I hope the next will be fruitful. 🙂

Thank you dear users for your donations, support and faith in this project. If you’d like to donate to the project, you can do so by sending any amount to my PayPal address: utkarshsevekar@gmail.com

I’ve no words to describe how much I appreciate it!



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    viridio September 19, 2015

    excelent, keet up the good work

    • Reply
      utkarshsevekar September 20, 2015


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