What the hell am I up to? Where is Rebellin v3?

What the hell am I up to? What am I doing? Am I gonna release Rebellin v3 or not? Am I even working on it or not? Have I abandoned the project? 🙂

It’s 11.42 PM, November 25th as I’m writing this. So what exactly is it that is delaying this project? My marriage!

I’m getting married on the 27th of November, that is this Friday! Long story short. After marriage I’m shifting to a whole new city and beginning a new life. Everything has changed. Just a month ago I got myself a new apartment. This whole shifting thing and the whole ‘husband transformation’ (oh my God!) took away a lot of my time. This new development has delayed all my ideas. But I think it’s worth it.

I’m very lucky to have an amazing wife, an amazing family and a truly awesome customer base! People like you! Thank you so much for believing in this project and being there. This really motivates me and solidifies my faith in what I’m doing.

Once I settle down in my new home, I’ll be giving my complete attention to Rebellin project. You can expect the new version of Rebellin to be out by the end of December. I’ll be launching all my projects one by one. Trust me. I want it all to be out there as soon as possible.

Now without wasting time, here’s a picture. Aditi and me. 🙂



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    egreggio November 26, 2015

    Ok, now I understand!!
    If I need to choose…Aditi is the best option!!

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    Carl Powers January 4, 2016

    Congratulations. Marriage is the best option. I await your release of V3. V2.5 was an excellent product. It introduced me to the world of Gnome shell extensions, which help convert the good dwork of the Gnome developers into something I can live with.

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    utkarshsevekar January 4, 2016

    Thank you so much Egreggio and Carl!

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