Updating Adrenaline (v2.5)

Adrenaline has to be updated manually. Now that’s a little disappointing. But if you look at things our way, it’s actually a better move. Sometimes a step back is necessary. Here are the main reasons why we decided to go for the last-century-not-so-cool-manual-update-mechanism:
1. Update manager runs its own process in the background, and this process may interfere with manual installations being carried out by the user via the root terminal.
2. The process consumes some resources and slows the system a bit. The slowdown is pretty apparent on low powered systems.
3. Prompts asking for root password come up randomly and this may confuse the user as nothing really happens on screen when you give the password!
4. Update manager may actually fail to properly update the system leading to breakages. This does happen!
5. Users like me who prefer sticks to automatics – when things are in our total control, they run better!
6. Save internet resources – for regions where bandwidth is pricey and scarce.

Well, now let’s get on with the process. It’s ultra simple. It’s highly recommended to update Adrenaline via the Synaptic Package Manager.

Start Synaptic Package Manager

For Gnome Shell: Menu -> System Tools -> Synaptic Package Manager.

For Mate: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

Enter your root password in the prompt and Synaptic starts.

Synaptic in Adrenaline Mate

Now it takes just 3 steps to update Adrenaline:
1. Click the ‘Reload’ button. This will update the repos.
2. Click the ‘Mark All Upgrades’ button. This will mark the packages that will be upgraded.
3. Click the ‘Apply’ button. Synaptic will display a summary of the update process.
That’s it. Synaptic will download and apply the updated packages. A reboot is recommended.

If you wish to go via the command line way, then here’s the process:

Fire up the Root Termianl (Menu -> Accessories -> Root Terminal) and give the following commands:

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade

Apt will show you a summary of the process and will ask for your permission to continue. Enter ‘Y’ and let the process complete. Once done, a reboot is highly recommended. That’s it.

Manual update of Adrenaline is complete. You can update Adrenaline any time you wish: once a week should be perfect! If you have face any difficulties, email support is always available.


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