The Linux Rundown Show

I’ve been quite a regular member of this show right from its inception. I was so wrong by not posting anything about our show here. Mostly cos the blog section of the website was solely for tutorials. Now that the tutorials have been moved to the Rebellin Manual, I find it to be a great idea to post about the stuff we all are up to for Rebellin family members to enjoy!

The Linux Rundown show is hosted by Bubba of Countryfied Linux. Me, Fishman and Bubba are quite regular with recurring guests such as Matthew and Ben (featured in the video below). We talk about the latest news in the Linux community and put forth our views. We get to learn a lot from each others’ viewpoints and from the comments we get on YouTube.

Thank you so much Bubba for having me on the show. Will be ready for the next one as well! 🙂

And Fishman, it feels so great when you’re around! 🙂 Be there for the next one too, please!

Hope you enjoy it!



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    Bubba January 8, 2016

    Thanks Utkarsh and Namaste to you too!

  2. Reply
    Fishman Loves Linux January 8, 2016

    Howdy my friend! I always love being on the show and I tried to make all of them but not always with success. This last show was really fun and informative. I always value your input as well. See ya there next time. 😀

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    John Marroletti May 13, 2016

    Awesome and entertaing show! Utkarsh and Rebellin make the switch from Windoze to Linux relatively painless (and fun)for Linix newbies 🙂

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