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Rebellin Linux v2.5 Gnome builds are fully ready. The Mate editions, though, need a little more testing. I will need two more days to fully test the Mate editions. Releasing half of the products is a bad idea. Hence I’ve delayed the release a bit more.

I assure all users that the wait will be worth it. Thank you so much for your patience and support, dear users! πŸ™‚



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    John Marroletti February 3, 2015

    The suspense is killing me πŸ˜€ Rebellin & Mate will be an awesome experience!!

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      utkarshsevekar February 3, 2015

      Just a little more time I need John… πŸ™‚

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    Confused? February 14, 2015

    I’m a little confused. Your website mainly talks about all the customer support as the main reason to use Rebellin. Lots of talk about “We”and “Our” with all the support, yet your team link states that “There ain’t no team…It’s just me!”. Just my opinion, but I think most of the free help is way better than the “donate for email support” that you can provide.

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    Roy Davies February 15, 2015

    Great distro. Only problem is that it will not shut down, or restart, using menu. I have to do hard shutdown using the power button. This is not good. Same problems with all Ubuntu 14.04 / Linux Mint 17 based distros. Never before experienced this with Debian. Please sort it out. RD

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      ladislao March 19, 2015

      hi Roy; i’am not an expert or so, just a Linux user coming from windows. I ‘am not sure but i think many ubuntu-Linux free operating systems do when you select the choice restart or poweroff, the system runs an script to wipe the RAM memory before procced, but when it fail stem could’nt restart automaticaly so then apears a screen whit a terminal or something like that and the white rectangle lighting at the end of the comand line so you are going to tipe POWEROFF or RESTART then press ENTER. pd…, sorry for my english and this comment.

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    ladislao March 19, 2015

    by other side the system looks good (the interface) file management,colors and windows decoration and fonts have a good looking , looks like a mix of linux,ubuntu, and open suse but i think this release is not completely coocked, i’am waiting and waiting for a life-signal over rebellin sinergy mate 2_5. when are these patches go to come to fix the incomplete job you do,excuse me is just a constructive criticsism, firs you says than opening synaptic and reloading the repository pakages and then select mark all, and then apply, possibly RESTART, you say than the update is realy happen but into a background process, and possibly your pc experience a slow response like and old computer and then finaly a notification to tipe your administrative passwd and buala! the update-upgrade finaly is on, and a week latter everithiing is go to comes better, but i still seeing nothig works like i hope from REBELLIN. i can’t see users and accounts, or software updater, is very fast and low resources consumption and light and fresh feeling, some times you can have a partial update and the security updates are the first field line, a new iso release ready fixed and polishied is required to enhance this great job….. keep working guys…tanks all you.

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      utkarshsevekar March 24, 2015

      Hi Ladislao!

      Constructive criticism is always welcome! I love to get suggestions to improve Rebellin.

      Regarding your comment.

      Synergy is based on Debian Stable BackPorts. So it doesn’t get updates that ‘change everything to new’. It mostly gets security updates. And since it’s based on BackPorts, it gets some newer software packages, kernel versions and drivers.

      I’m sorry but I could not understand what you mean by this:

      “i can’t see users and accounts…”

      Could you be a little more specific? You aren’t able to see users at the login screen?

      Also, if you wish to have a software updater you may install gnome-packagekit. It works well with Rebellin and provides you with automatic updates.

      That said, for any problems you’re facing, you can send me an email on the support mail address:
      You can attach screenshots as well to help me understand the issues you’re facing. I’ll help you out in any way I can. I even write tutorials based on customer’s demands.

      Rebellin is not a half baked product. There are some rough edges, yes, but it’s definitely a worthy distribution that you can use everyday!

      – Utkarsh.

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