Some more updates

So the question-answer module like AskUbuntu is ready. And… drum roll please… it’s looking absolutely fantastic! 🙂 Check it out! Of course I need to configure it a little more. Gotta add categories and stuff. But anyway, it’s coming out really well…

Secondly, I’ll be completely getting rid of the forums. Question-answers will the be the only form of community support for Rebellin Linux henceforth. I feel such a support mechanism is much better and efficient than forums. Forums will be removed at the time of Rebellin v3 Launch – 2nd November, 2015. It’s my request to all your users not to post any new query in the forums. The widget from the footer, as you might have noticed, as been removed.

Now for the next stuff. Here’s a list of stuff I need to work on:

  1. The homepage. It’s rather too long and most people won’t be interested in reading all that stuff. I’ll redesign it and show only the most important options for users.
  2. The download links are broken, the free ones that is. 😉 I’m quite lazy to fix them right now. Can you please donate and download? 😉
  3. Proper categories and sections in the main menu bar. It’s fine right now. Just few more tweaks and additions.
  4. Pages, pages and more pages! So much information from the old site was ‘lost’. I’ve to add a ton of content! Information about the Rebellin variants, package lists, a proper support page and more!
  5. Screenshots, galleries, social links and other small things that make a big difference for users!
  6. I don’t know… Something else will pop up too

These are just some things I’ve listed. Once the site is fully complete it should give a very smooth experience to users. You guys will love this website!

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