Rebellin Synergy – Frequently Answered Questions

1. What is Rebellin Synergy?

Rebellin Synergy is a rolling Linux distribution based on current Debian Stable BackPorts. What this means, is that you get newer packages, especially the kernel and drivers, than current Debian Stable. This results in better hardware support, improved speed and overall improvements than Debian Stable.

2. What is a ‘rolling’ distribution?

In a rolling distribution, you don’t have to uninstall the operating system ever. Timely updates are automatically brought to you. Synergy, by default tracks stable (and BackPorts) repositories and so will always remain stable even after every update. Re-installation may be required only if a problem cannot be rectified.

3. What Desktop Environments are offered with Synergy?

We offer a customized Gnome Shell and Mate Desktop Environments. Rebellin is built with ease of use in mind and both of these environments are brilliantly tuned for productivity. Rebellin Synergy Mate consumes slightly less resources than the custom Gnome Shell variant. Prefer this one for old hardware.

4. Why are the software packages in Synergy (slightly) outdated?

To maintain stability of the operating system, packages in Synergy undergo exhaustive testing before release. This makes them a bit outdated than the currently available versions. Still, Rebellin Synergy has much newer packages than Debian Stable. But if you wish to try the latest and the greatest in open-source, we highly recommend the ‘Adrenaline’ version of Rebellin.

5. Why should I use Synergy?

Simply put, Synergy is stable and has all the necessary packages useful for daily computer usage. Synergy is easy and a total delight to use! If security and stability are your concern and/or you are new to the world of Linux, Synergy comes highly recommended. It’s a complete ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ distribution.

6. Is Synergy compatible with Debian?

Yes. Synergy is fully compatible with Debian. All repositories for Debian Stable work flawlessly with Rebellin Synergy. But there is a catch – BackPorts are given a higher priority than the stable repos.

7. Should I use the 32bit version or 64bit version of Synergy?

There are considerable misconceptions that go around with this question. Let me give you an analogy. A 64 bit operating system is like a truck. It has amazing pulling power. But it’s not necessarily faster than the 32 bit version. A 32 bit operating system is like a car. It’s far more nimble and manageable. Moreover, applications like Skype are 32 bit only and work much better in a 32 bit environment. So if you are unsure, go with the 32 bit version. If internet, office work and multimedia are your only usage scenarios, go with the 32 bit version. But if you’re a content creator and perform heavy tasks like video rendering, sound production, etc., then the 64 bit version is for you.

The 32 bit version of Synergy comes with a PAE kernel. It can access RAM up to 32 GB and can handle multi-core processors as well. Don’t worry. It’s much better than 64 bit in most cases! We also found that Java programs seem to run slower(!!) on the 64 bit version.

8. Can I upgrade to Adrenaline from Synergy?

Theoretically you can. But it’s not recommended. Since the upgrade may break the entire OS. We recommend you to download and use Adrenaline. Downloading and installing the ready ISO of Adrenaline is a safer-faster-better option than a DIY approach.

9. Synergy does not detect my hardware! What should I do?

This may happen if you are using cutting edge hardware products. In such cases, we recommend you to search for a solution in our library or contact us for email support. If we’re not able to work out a solution for you, and it’s quite rare that we can’t, well, use Adrenaline. It has support for latest hardware technologies. But Adrenaline is a little quirky and is not as stable as Synergy.

10. What’s the deal with ‘stability’ and ‘security’? Is Adrenaline so bad?

NO! Adrenaline is not bad, not at all! Had it been so unusable, we wouldn’t have built it in the first place! But some people prefer stability and security. It’s important in operating environments such as companies and organizations. For this purpose, Synergy is recommended. If you are a casual home user, or want to try the latest offerings in open source/free software, Adrenaline is the way to go. You’ll fall in love with it!

If your question is not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to post it in our forum in the Rebellin Library. We are always attentive to our users and will be very happy to get your query sorted out.

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