Rebellin Project – Frequently Answered Questions

1. What is Rebellin?

Rebellin Linux is a rolling Linux distribution based on Debian Sid, the unstable Debian version. What this means, is that you get  the latest packages from the Debian stream. This results in superb hardware support, improved speed and way better improvements than the Debian Stable branch.

2. What is an Operating System?

An Operating System is a set of software packages all working together to make use of the computer hardware in the most efficient manner while making the whole computer system easier for the user to operate.

3. What is a ‘rolling’ distribution?

In a rolling distribution, you don’t have to uninstall the operating system ever. Timely updates are automatically brought to you. Re-installation may be required only if a problem cannot be rectified. Or if some core of the OS is changed with a new release.

4. Why is it named ‘Rebellin’ anyway?

Well, it sounds good! Alright, here’s the truth. Rebellion Linux – RebelLin – a Linux distribution which is built with a clear motive of bringing about change in the way people think about Linux. We believe Linux has all the potential to become the best Operating System in the world. The Linux world needs change. And change can be brought about only by a Rebellion. All great people in the world were Rebels in a way. Rebels against conformity who fought and made this world a better place.
Hold on! Are you still reading? Alright. Rebellin is a rebellion against conformity. Against the status quo. Against all those who believe Linux is a third-world OS and the good products in the computer industry can only be found under commercial domains. Linux is the best Operating System in the world. And Rebellin is here to prove it. Today. Or someday. Someday soon. Very soon. Come. Join the revolution!

5. Is Rebellin Compatible with Debian GNU/Linux?

Yes. Rebellin is fully compatible with Debian GNU/Linux and its repositories. With Debian Sid to be precise.

6. Why should I use Rebellin?

The best part? Rebellin comes with LifeTime Email Support! What more, Rebellin comes with all the Debian ‘goodies’ and more. Rebellin has superb hardware support. It has an application suite that is quite complete in itself.  If you are new to Linux, you will definitely love Rebellin for its choice of software and ease of use. Rebellin is fully ready to satisfy even the most demanding users!

7. Can I get Rebellin to install directly from a remote internet site, FTP or whatever?

No, unfortunately. But we do have this in mind and we are working on it. By any chance, do you have a server you can donate to us?

8. Where can I get the DVDs for Rebellin?

On this site itself. Go to downloads, and download whichever flavour you want! You will get an ISO file. Burn this ISO file to a DVD. And you are set to boot off this DVD in the amazing world of Rebellin!

9. How can I install Rebellin on my computer?

Installation of Rebellin is fairly easy. We have plenty of tutorials in the Rebellin Manual! Apart from hard disks, you can also install Rebellin on USB drives. We recommend you to join in. It’s totally free, safe and secure!

10. Can I build my own custom version of Rebellin and share it?

You are most encouraged to do so!

11. Can I build a custom Rebellin on the web and get its ISO?

Are you talking about something like Suse Studio? Well, the answer is no. AS YET.

12. Inspiration behind Rebellin?

We have seen all the usual suspects of the Linux world – Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, Fedora, SUSE. We didn’t really like any of them. Something was always missing; plus there was no support! Forums seemed to be slow in support and sometimes the users got downright nasty!

We built Rebellin so that we ourselves could use it. And then decided to share it with the world. We hope you will love what we have built. And we have got some great plans for Rebellin! We offer the best email support on the planet and try to educate people and help them out. So Rebellin is a great distribution with great support!

13. Great plans eh? What are these future plans of yours?

We believe that the main thing Linux is suffering from today is ‘fragmentation’. Too many distributions. Too many package managers. Everyone making something of their own. And fragmenting the whole Linux world even more. We are trying to standardize Linux by focusing on the best open source has to offer. Rather than forking something, just cos something has become ‘strange’ or ‘too different’ (GNOME 3!), we believe we can make it work, in the best possible manner.
Yes. We know Linux is about freedom. We believe in in too. But don’t you think this freedom is being abused? This ‘fragmentation’ is scaring away some amazing commercial apps out there! These apps would work much better on Linux than on Windows. And we don’t think Linux people would mind paying for these apps either. If high quality is offered, who wouldn’t pay for it?

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