Rebellin Manual, June 2016 update, released!

Namaste to all our Rebellin family members!

The new Rebellin Manual is out. Have you got my email with the download link? If you haven’t, do let me know via the support email. I’ll send you the manual as an email attachment right away!

New customers can download it here.

Some changes:

  1. Five new tutorials added
  2. Fixed plenty of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  3. Added hyperlinks for better navigation
  4. Improved fonts. Now the commands are in a larger font and dark red in color for better visibility.


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    M H February 23, 2017

    It appears that Rebellin Gnome 64 bit version is not UEFI aware nor does it work in GPT partitions. Is it only using The MBR?

    • Reply
      utkarshsevekar February 23, 2017

      No UEFI in the current version. Shall add UEFI support in the next version.

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