Rebellin Linux v3.0 is coming!

Hello dear users!

Debian v8 ‘Jessie’ was released on 26th April, this year. Now that Debian is out and is well set, I’ve started working on Rebellin v3. Rebellin v3 will feature Gnome Shell and Mate Desktops and will be based on Debian 8 BackPorts for Synergy and  the latest Debian Sid for Adrenaline edition. Rebellin v2.5 had great response and I’ve taken note of all the suggestions given to me by our dear users. I’ve taken them all into account and working on building the finest Rebellin yet.

Rebellin v3 will be out on Monday, 31st August, 2015.

There is one more great news. I’ve been working on a book on Linux Command Line. I’ve been supporting customers for more than 2 years now and plenty of customers had requested a book from me. I’ve been writing this book since long and it’s coming to fruition. The book is written with beginners in mind and will teach Linux command line administration right from the basics all the way to kernel tweaking!

Click here for all the details of the book.

[button url=”” target=”blank” size=”4″ icon=”icon: download”]Pre-order the book for just $19.49![/button]

Here’s the cover page!


From Noob to Ninja: Linux Command Line

From Noob to Ninja: Linux Command Line



  1. Reply
    tonylumm June 14, 2015

    happy to see that v3 is coming, and there is a new book too, looking forward to get a copy later.. great work!

  2. Reply
    Marc August 23, 2015

    Nice to hear an new V3 release is coing. I hope that also the repos will be updated to the latest versions and that we can say goodbye to old software or non-supported applications.

  3. Reply
    Bob Smith September 1, 2015

    Oops, it’s Sep. 1, and still no v3…

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