Rebellin Linux v2.5 Released!

We’re proud to announce the release of Rebellin Linux v2.5! Plenty of great news from the Rebellin Project!

1. You can now download Rebellin Linux 100% free of cost

2. Rebellin now features the Mate Desktop Environment along with Gnome Shell

3. The entire site has undergone massive overhaul. We’re committed to making this project better and better in every way possible. Live chat module, new forum, SSL Security, Pro-active site scanning etc. have been added to the Rebellin website.

Get your copy of Rebellin Linux from the download page.

So, now with the details.

Rebellin Synergy updates:

1. Now available in Mate and Gnome

2. Kernel upgraded to 3.16

3. SMXI Script integrated

4. Various package and driver updates

5. Support page added inside Rebellin for faster support

6. Minor updates to artwork – wallpapers, themes, iconset etc.

Rebellin Adrenaline updates:

1. Now available in Mate and Gnome

2. Kernel updated to version 3.16

3. Gnome shell updated to version 3.14

4. Much more stable than v2.00

5. SMXI Script integrated

6. RecordMyDesktop replaced by Kazam

7. Blueman bluetooth manager added to Mate

8. Plenty of package updates!

Known Issues:

1. Slightly inconsistent theming in Mate versions

2. Bluetooth support missing in Synergy Mate (My bad!)

The biggest strength of Rebellin is its simplicity. It’s a simple distribution designed with usability in mind. It’s fast and extremely resource-efficient. You can run Rebellin, any edition, in just 512 MB of RAM! Plus you also get our fast and friendly email support!

Try Rebellin today! You’ll love it!

Special thanks to Miss Aditi Deshpande, Mr. Rohit Dandnayak, Mr. Kumar Mashalkar, Mr. Rohit Gattani, Mr. Adalberto Mercandelli, Mr. John Maroletti, Mr. Frieder Volkmar Samuel, Mr. Robin Schuman, Mr. Henry Wyatt, Mr. Daniel Stoian, Mr. Horace M. Ohare.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to DistroWatch for the rapid fast news updates and the maintenance of Rebellin Linux page!

Here are some screenshots:

  • System Monitor in Synergy Mate
  • Basic Desktop - Synergy Mate
  • Rebellin Synergy Mate
    Synergy with Mate Desktop
  • System Monitor in Synergy Gnome
  • Rebellin Synergy Gnome
    Synergy with Gnome Shell
  • Basic Desktop in Synegry Gnome
  • System Monitor in Adrenaline Mate
  • Adrenaline Mate
    Adrenaline with Mate
  • Basic Desktop in Adrenaline Mate
  • System Monitor in Adrenaline Gnome
  • Basic Desktop in Adrenaline Gnome
  • Adrenaline with Gnome Shell


  1. Reply
    Systemat February 14, 2015

    I was seeking for the Debian with the MATE, and find all these things plus the SMXI integrated else. Many thanks for your job!

  2. Reply
    Vortex February 16, 2015

    Hi, I just recently found out about Rebellin, and must say after trying about all the new distro’s that are released the last years, this one with the Mate desktop comes very close of what i have looking for since the Gnome2 has left the scene.
    This feels en reacts even on very old and very new machines here very fast and stable.
    Very good job !

  3. Reply
    Jim Martin March 24, 2016

    how difficult to install bluetooth in mate version?
    are you going to release with fix to include it soon ?

    • Reply
      utkarshsevekar March 24, 2016

      Hey Jim!

      Yup. The new version is ready. Coming out soon. Got busy in an ad shoot recently. So got delayed. Stay tuned. A week or two at most.

      – Utkarsh

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