Rebellin Linux – Frequently Answered Questions

1. What is Rebellin Linux?

Rebellin Linux is a rolling Linux distribution based on Debian Sid, the unstable Debian version. What this means, is that you get  the latest packages from the Debian stream. This results in superb hardware support, improved speed and way better improvements than the Debian Stable branch.

2. What is a ‘rolling’ distribution?

In a rolling distribution, you don’t have to uninstall the operating system ever. Timely updates are automatically brought to you. Rebellin, by default tracks the Sid (unstable) repositories to bring the latest software packages to you. Re-installation may be required only if a problem cannot be rectified.

3. What Desktop Environments are offered with Rebellin?

We offer a customized Gnome Shell and Mate Desktop Environments. Rebellin is built with ease of use in mind and both of these environments are brilliantly tuned for productivity. Rebellin Linux Mate consumes slightly less resources than the custom Gnome Shell variant. Prefer this one for old hardware.

4. I read the word ‘unstable’. Is Rebellin really unstable?

Don’t worry about the word ‘unstable’. Packages aren’t ‘unstable’ in any way. It just means that packages in Rebellin do not undergo thorough testing before release. So Rebellin may break at times, but it’s quite rare. It’s a very polished product that is excellent for daily usage.  Debian has a typical version nomenclature system – stable, testing, unstable. That’s where the word unstable comes from. The packages in the unstable branch are brand new and have not undergone a rigorous testing, like they do in stable variant of Debian.

5. Should I use it at my workplace?

No, we don’t recommend it. Since Rebellin tracks the unstable repositories, it’s a continuously evolving product. Therefore at times the whole system may break. Although this is a rare case and can be fixed with further updates, Rebellin is still not recommended for workplaces or anywhere where security and stability are of prime importance.

6. Why should I use Rebellin?

Simply put, Rebellin is the best way to try the latest in free and/or open source software. Recent packages are brought to you as updates including a freshly baked kernel, system drivers and utilities. Rebellin therefore has excellent support for newer, modern hardware.

7. Should I use the 32bit version or 64bit version of Rebellin?

There are considerable misconceptions that go around with this question. Let me give you an analogy. A 64 bit operating system is like a truck. It has amazing pulling power. But it’s not necessarily faster than the 32 bit version. A 32 bit operating system is like a car. It’s far more nimble and manageable. Moreover, applications like Skype are 32 bit only and work much better in a 32 bit environment. So if you are unsure, go with the 32 bit version. If internet, office work and multimedia are your only usage scenarios, go with the 32 bit version. But if you’re a content creator and perform heavy tasks like video rendering, sound production, etc., then the 64 bit version is for you.

The 32 bit version of Rebellin comes with a PAE kernel. It can access RAM up to 32 GB and can handle multi-core processors as well. Don’t worry. It’s much better than 64 bit in most cases! We also found that Java programs seem to run slower(!!) on the 64 bit version.

8. I wish to do programming. Is Rebellin right for me?

Absolutely! With Rebellin you can work with the latest libraries and programming tools. Rebellin is a great choice for programming!

9. There are no security repositories in Rebellin. Where are they? What about backports?

Rebellin is based on Debian Sid which does not have security or backports repositories.

If your question is not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to post in our Question-Answers Section. We are always attentive to our users and will be very happy to get your query sorted out.

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