how can I see if there are updates?


I installed Rebellin Linux on my laptop. It gives me soo far much pleasure. Keep up with your good work!! Now I wonder how can I see if there are updates? Thank you for your efforts.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying Rebellin Linux.

Rebellin has to be updated manually. It has to be done through Synaptic, tutorial for which is available in the Rebellin Manual. You may go through it.

Start Synaptic and click on ‘Reload’ button to update software repos. Then click on ‘Mark All Upgrades’ button. If updates are available you’ll see a window pop up that shows the packages that will upgraded. Click ‘Mark’ button at the bottom of the pop up. Then click on ‘Apply’ button. Synaptic will download and install all available updates.

Don’t worry if you find the above instructions a bit confusing. The detailed tutorial is in the manual. Please go through it.

No, we’re not done yet! 🙂

I understand that you may want a simpler, or rather, more automated process than this one. A perfectly valid requirement. No worries. What you need to do, is install Package Kit. Package Kit is a Software Center and Update Manager. Here’s how to install Package Kit:

Start Root Terminal and give the following command:

apt-get update

This will update the software repos. Now give the following command for installation:

apt-get install packagekit packagekit-tools gnome-packagekit

That’s it. Installation complete. You will find Package Kit and Package Updater in the ‘System Tools’ section of the Menu. Start Package Updater and it will automatically check for updates and show you all the available updates. Here’s how it looks:


Let me know if this works out for you.


– Utkarsh.

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