An LXDE or ENLIGHTENMENT Ubuntu based Rebellin Linux


Team Rebellin,

I would like to suggest (in fact, beg!) you to build an LXDE Ubuntu or ENLIGHTENMENT Ubuntu version for Rebellin Linux, because I have the firm belief that you have more than enough expertise to create an Ubuntu based ISO which would be:

1- Booting lightning FAST;

2- Fixed openbox cursor problem.

About the item 2 above, the feature called “Startup Notification” simply DOESN’T WORK IN ANY DEBIAN OR UBUNTU BASED DISTRO. As you may know, openbox is the standard LXDE’s window manager and Ubuntu LXDE distros like Lubuntu or LXDE are unable to give a “animated feedback cursor” when a application is mouse clicked (triggered), so in a old machine, when an applicantion is mouse-clicked in a menu bar or panel, there is no indication if it started or not and applications like chromium browser, which take a little longer to load, are under the risk of being triggered twice, because one can not realize if the application is loading or it was not correctly clicked. Take a look at:

I tried Fedora LXDE and guess what? Startup notification is working very fine!!!!

There is some LAME suggestion to replacing openbox by kwin as window manager, but this would completely bloat the system with all kde-QT dependencies, beside the fact it would ruin all the lightness of the system.

At this point, you might ask: “why do you insist with Ubuntu?” It’s because Ubuntu because it has a lot of ease in terms of settings and availability of programs, ranging from programs like SAGE (similar to a MAPLE or MATHEMATICA) and TEXLIVE 2016 until a liveusb generator called MULTISYSTEM.

Thanks for your appreciation and I will wait for your answer.

  • Usuario Rede
    If it is useful, Fedora LXDE (whose “Startup Notification” really works!) does not use LIGHTDM, but LXDM instead.
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Hello Usuario!

Forgive me for the delay in responding to you.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Suggestions like these help me make Rebellin a better product with each new release.

To be honest, I’m really honored that you consider my skills good enough to be build a great distribution.

Rebellin is based on Debian for a reason – it offers better control. I’ve great control over what goes in there and so I can craft a distribution that is precisely tuned and works great. With Ubuntu, such a control is lost.

I’ve built Rebellin so that I could give the best possible support to my users. Help and support has always been a problem with Linux. Rebellin has a ‘personal touch’ with users that most other distributions don’t have. To give the best possible support, I concentrated on two of the best desktop environments for Linux – Mate and Gnome. Adding multiple desktop environments would mean I’d have to spread my resources too thin. The result? The product quality and customer support, both would suffer. Hence the limited choice of desktop environments.

That said, I’m not denying this opportunity. I’m currently working on the next version of Rebellin that I’ll be releasing in the month of September. I’ll look into LXDE this time. If it’s possible, I’ll build a product just for you. 🙂 But I still prefer Debian as the base.

The apps you mentioned, SageMath and TexLive 2016 are available for Rebellin as well, through Debian Sid repositories that Rebellin uses. MultiSystem though, is not.


– Utkarsh

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