Enabling TouchPad Tap-To-Click on Rebellin Mate

Okay. This one is quite an irritating issue – Touchpad settings are not available in Rebellin Mate. Ideally the Mouse Settings (System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Mouse) should look something as shown in the screen shot below.
But the ‘Touchpad’ tab itself is missing in Rebellin Mate. Not cool. I understand.

Why is this happening? For some reason the Synaptics Touchpad Driver is not being loaded in Rebellin Mate. Hmmm… I’ll look into this later. But first, here’s the quick fix. And mind you, it’s not that straightforward. But I’ve simplified the process for you as much as I could.

Step 1: Download the configuration file I’ve made. By default it’s downloaded in the Downloads folder in your Home folder.

Step 2: Start Root Terminal and navigate to the /etc/X11/ folder with the command below:

cd /etc/X11/

Be careful. The ‘X’ in X11 in the above command is capital X. Now check if the directory (folder that is) called ‘xorg.conf.d’ exists or not with the command below:


The above command lists files and folders. In most cases this directory won’t be present. If it’s not there create it with the command below:

mkdir xorg.conf.d

3. Copy the downloaded the file to the directory we just created with the command below:

cp /home/YOUR-USERNAME/Downloads/50-synaptics.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

Replace YOUR-USERNAME with your correct username. 😉

Done! Restart your computer. Your touchpad should work just fine. The Touchpad tab should be back in the mouse settings and Tap-to-click will also work automatically.

Hope this helps.


Rebellin Linux v3 released!

Building a stable system on Debian Sid that’s reliable for day to day usage is hard. It took me quite a while this time. But I’m immensely happy with the result. Here’s Rebellin Linux v3. With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It’s fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience. Download Rebellin now!

List of updates:

  1. Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.20
  2. Mate Version upgraded to v1.12
  3. Kernel upgraded to v4.5
  4. SMXI scripts integrated
  5. Infinality Font Rendering Patches
  6. Droid Fonts added
  7. Improved theme for the Mate version
  8. Bluetooth support added to Mate version (It was previously missing! Silly me.)
  9. Plenty of package and driver updates
  10. Rebellin Manual with great beginner friendly tutorials available free of cost.

Some changes:

  1. Gnome terminal replaced by terminator. This enhances Gnome Shell stability. Gnome Terminal is buggy and results in system freeze.
  2. Totem replaced by VLC. Redundant software removed for building a lighter product.
  3. GDM3 replaced by LightDM. GDM3 was problematic during the build process. Resulted in blank screen on start up. LightDM works fine.

Known issues:

  1. May result in blank screen on start up on AMD Kabini Devices. I’m working on this.
  2. The installer may fail to identify touchpads on some computers. Mouse works fine. Please use Text Install mode or use a mouse. Touchpad works fine after installation on all computers.

Overall, this is a great build. It’s faster than v2.5 and even the Gnome Shell version works gracefully in as low as 512 of RAM. I hope you enjoy using Rebellin. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Email support is available!

Thank you so much Distrowatch Team for the news item! 🙂

Here are two screenshots:

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome


Rebellin Linux v3 Mate


Completed my book on Ghost Blogging Platform!

Complete guide on Ghost Blogging PlatformCompleted ‘Ghost Unleashed’, the 100 page book on Ghost Blogging Platform! Phew! It was quite a ride for me. I’ve put my soul into this book and made sure that it will be the best resource on Ghost out there! I’ve covered every aspect of Ghost including Ghost Pro service, self-hosted Ghost and local installation of Ghost. I’ve even added a chapter on online product based business to show you how easy it is to start your online business and keep it running well!

The book will be given as a return gift to all our customers who donate to Rebellin Linux. This is my way of saying ‘thank you’ for having faith in my project!

For more information about this book, check out our Lifetime Email Support Page.



Goodbye Rebellin Synergy…

The upcoming version of Rebellin Linux, v3 that is, marks the most drastic change in the world of Rebellin Linux. With a heavy heart I would like to announce that, Rebellin Synergy, the variant based on Debian Stable Backports, has been discontinued. Goodbye old friend…

Rebellin Synergy was based on backports. It was better than Debian Stable and had newer software. It was even faster than Debian Stable. In fact, it was one of the fastest full fledged Linux distributions out there. And of course, it was stable too. So why was it discontinued? Simple. Users preferred the Adrenaline variant as it offered all the advantages of newer, more modern software. Rebellin Linux will now be based on Debian Sid only.

We’re also getting rid of the ‘Synergy’ and ‘Adrenaline’ nomenclatures. Now it’s just ‘Rebellin Linux’. And a version specific code name. Adrenaline is the best of Rebellin Linux. A lot of Linux Projects attempt crafting a Debian Sid based distro. Not all succeed. Not all are able to build something as rock solid as Adrenaline. The only time when Debian Sid works, is when you use it in the form of Rebellin Adrenaline. That’s something I’m proud of! That’s something I’d like to focus and build upon.

Focusing on just one product has several advantages.

  1. Faster, better customer care. Improved user manual experience.
  2. I can now finally focus on building apps and services that were only in planning stage.
  3. I can now provide training kits – a long time ambition of mine. Rebellin University is where you’ll get high quality DRM-free training kits for latest technologies.
  4. Improved support through Rebellin’s Question-Answer section as we’ll be dealing with products that have a common base – Debian Sid
  5. Lastly, I’m don’t have to be on a lookout on how and when Debian releases a new stable version. The new Rebellin Linux would be a true rolling release with periodic updates. New images will be built to provide additional features such as apps and services.

That said, Rebellin Linux will be based on Debian Sid alone. We’ll continue to provide two desktop environments – Customized Gnome Shell and Customized Mate. You’ll have a great time using our all new Rebellin Linux. If you need any help, personalized support is just an email away!

Thank you so much patrons for the solid backing so far. I’ll continue Rebellin Linux development to the best of my abilities.


SSL Certificate Renewal

Hello Rebellin family members!

I’m in process of renewing the SSL Certificate on our website (therebellin.com). During this time your browser may give you security related warnings. Don’t worry. Everything is safe. The site is not compromised in anyway. The SSL will be up in no time. Please wait till then.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you so much for your patience.