Goodbye Rebellin Synergy…

The upcoming version of Rebellin Linux, v3 that is, marks the most drastic change in the world of Rebellin Linux. With a heavy heart I would like to announce that, Rebellin Synergy, the variant based on Debian Stable Backports, has been discontinued. Goodbye old friend…

Rebellin Synergy was based on backports. It was better than Debian Stable and had newer software. It was even faster than Debian Stable. In fact, it was one of the fastest full fledged Linux distributions out there. And of course, it was stable too. So why was it discontinued? Simple. Users preferred the Adrenaline variant as it offered all the advantages of newer, more modern software. Rebellin Linux will now be based on Debian Sid only.

We’re also getting rid of the ‘Synergy’ and ‘Adrenaline’ nomenclatures. Now it’s just ‘Rebellin Linux’. And a version specific code name. Adrenaline is the best of Rebellin Linux. A lot of Linux Projects attempt crafting a Debian Sid based distro. Not all succeed. Not all are able to build something as rock solid as Adrenaline. The only time when Debian Sid works, is when you use it in the form of Rebellin Adrenaline. That’s something I’m proud of! That’s something I’d like to focus and build upon.

Focusing on just one product has several advantages.

  1. Faster, better customer care. Improved user manual experience.
  2. I can now finally focus on building apps and services that were only in planning stage.
  3. I can now provide training kits – a long time ambition of mine. Rebellin University is where you’ll get high quality DRM-free training kits for latest technologies.
  4. Improved support through Rebellin’s Question-Answer section as we’ll be dealing with products that have a common base – Debian Sid
  5. Lastly, I’m don’t have to be on a lookout on how and when Debian releases a new stable version. The new Rebellin Linux would be a true rolling release with periodic updates. New images will be built to provide additional features such as apps and services.

That said, Rebellin Linux will be based on Debian Sid alone. We’ll continue to provide two desktop environments – Customized Gnome Shell and Customized Mate. You’ll have a great time using our all new Rebellin Linux. If you need any help, personalized support is just an email away!

Thank you so much patrons for the solid backing so far. I’ll continue Rebellin Linux development to the best of my abilities.


SSL Certificate Renewal

Hello Rebellin family members!

I’m in process of renewing the SSL Certificate on our website ( During this time your browser may give you security related warnings. Don’t worry. Everything is safe. The site is not compromised in anyway. The SSL will be up in no time. Please wait till then.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you so much for your patience.


The Linux Rundown Show

I’ve been quite a regular member of this show right from its inception. I was so wrong by not posting anything about our show here. Mostly cos the blog section of the website was solely for tutorials. Now that the tutorials have been moved to the Rebellin Manual, I find it to be a great idea to post about the stuff we all are up to for Rebellin family members to enjoy!

The Linux Rundown show is hosted by Bubba of Countryfied Linux. Me, Fishman and Bubba are quite regular with recurring guests such as Matthew and Ben (featured in the video below). We talk about the latest news in the Linux community and put forth our views. We get to learn a lot from each others’ viewpoints and from the comments we get on YouTube.

Thank you so much Bubba for having me on the show. Will be ready for the next one as well! 🙂

And Fishman, it feels so great when you’re around! 🙂 Be there for the next one too, please!

Hope you enjoy it!


Prepping the site for the upcoming release

Yeah finally! 🙂

I’m so happy. It’s all set. Rebellin v3 is ready.

During the previous release, I’d uploaded the ISOs to SourceForge before giving the release news to DistroWatch. While I was working on the site people had already started downloading the files. I got bombarded with tech support emails and that took me away from the website work.

Not this time. I’ll fix the site first and shall then upload everything. So that I’ll be ready to help all of you to the best of my abilities.

Just a little itsy-beetsy-teeny-weeny wait. 🙂

The year 2015, a quick review

It was a fantastic year. Personal life is going great. This year gave me my wife and I’m so thankful to God for giving me this amazing woman. I’m now a married man with my own family. Quite a transformation!

Business wise, no. Not that good of an year.

Anyway, I think from this post onwards, I’ll be writing yearly reviews and sharing statistics with all our users. You guys should have a clear idea of what I’m doing and exactly where everything is going.

Rebellin v2.5 was released in February. It was excellent. Customer support is the best part of my business. I love to help people. It’s hard. Finding a solution to a specific problem requires a lot of tinkering on my own side to emulate the situation a user is facing. But when a user gets a solution and he responds positively, that’s when you realize your effort was worth it! The compliments and the sheer joy and satisfaction of helping someone gives meaning to my business.

Rebellin v3, which was due in August, has been delayed. A lot. And a lot many times. This was not cos I was lazy to work on it. But cos I was getting too many ideas and was running in every new direction I could think of. Not good. I need to focus a lot more on getting things out there instead of a string of silly, unfinished projects. Momentum. I lost all of that.

That said, I’ve become wiser and more efficient over the course of time and this should reflect in my work ethics as well. 🙂

Plans for the next year!

So here are my plans for the upcoming year.

  1. Launch Rebellin v3 and the shiny new user guide that will help everybody to master Linux in the most fun filled way!
  2. Start the Rebellin University. I love teaching and I’ve decided to offer some great books and training kits to all our users.
  3. Be more open about Rebellin and related stuff. I’ve decided to write one blog post every day. I think I can make it. Let’s see.
  4. Build a new service for Rebellin users. A tiny service with a big impact. Give me some time. I’ll let you know the details soon! Service will be launched by the end of April 2016. If I go along with my schedule properly, I’ll be able to launch it without any delays.
  5. Build an app around the above mentioned service for PC as well as Mobile Platforms.
  6. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus on ONE thing only till it’s done! Too many things at once and I get nothing done. Focus. I need to learn to focus.
  7. Travel more. The only time I travelled for the whole year of 2015 was my honeymoon trip to Thailand. My wife loves to travel and that’s when I discovered I love travelling with her! So now that’s a priority! Keep some time for travelling around the world. Seychelles is our next destination!
  8. Fitness. I’m almost 6 feet tall and weigh just 65 kg. That’s bad. I’m on the thinny-skinny-boney side of the spectrum. Gotta fix that. I’ve decided to put on at least 5kg of muscle by the end of the year.

That’s all. Eight goals and I sure hope to crack all of them. In time.

Thank you so much dear users for the support you guys give me on emails. Love to hear from all you people all the time!

Oh I almost forgot!

Happy New Year!