Goodbye Rebellin Synergy…

The upcoming version of Rebellin Linux, v3 that is, marks the most drastic change in the world of Rebellin Linux. With a heavy heart I would like to announce that, Rebellin Synergy, the variant based on Debian Stable Backports, has been discontinued. Goodbye old friend…

Rebellin Synergy was based on backports. It was better than Debian Stable and had newer software. It was even faster than Debian Stable. In fact, it was one of the fastest full fledged Linux distributions out there. And of course, it was stable too. So why was it discontinued? Simple. Users preferred the Adrenaline variant as it offered all the advantages of newer, more modern software. Rebellin Linux will now be based on Debian Sid only.

We’re also getting rid of the ‘Synergy’ and ‘Adrenaline’ nomenclatures. Now it’s just ‘Rebellin Linux’. And a version specific code name. Adrenaline is the best of Rebellin Linux. A lot of Linux Projects attempt crafting a Debian Sid based distro. Not all succeed. Not all are able to build something as rock solid as Adrenaline. The only time when Debian Sid works, is when you use it in the form of Rebellin Adrenaline. That’s something I’m proud of! That’s something I’d like to focus and build upon.

Focusing on just one product has several advantages.

  1. Faster, better customer care. Improved user manual experience.
  2. I can now finally focus on building apps and services that were only in planning stage.
  3. I can now provide training kits – a long time ambition of mine. Rebellin University is where you’ll get high quality DRM-free training kits for latest technologies.
  4. Improved support through Rebellin’s Question-Answer section as we’ll be dealing with products that have a common base – Debian Sid
  5. Lastly, I’m don’t have to be on a lookout on how and when Debian releases a new stable version. The new Rebellin Linux would be a true rolling release with periodic updates. New images will be built to provide additional features such as apps and services.

That said, Rebellin Linux will be based on Debian Sid alone. We’ll continue to provide two desktop environments – Customized Gnome Shell and Customized Mate. You’ll have a great time using our all new Rebellin Linux. If you need any help, personalized support is just an email away!

Thank you so much patrons for the solid backing so far. I’ll continue Rebellin Linux development to the best of my abilities.



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    Joseph McPherson February 27, 2016

    OK but anything based on sid is a bad idea. Nothing ever works for any continous time. Drivers fail and there is little effort to fix them. After all the feeling is that it is experimental. There is the rub.

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      utkarshsevekar February 29, 2016

      I understand.

      But it’s possible to build a stable system based on Sid that is good enough of everyday usage. Adrenaline has received great reviews. On one of my systems, just to test its reliability, I’ve an installation running since Feb 2015. It’s still running great. Occasional mishaps do take place. But nothing serious.


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    Somewhat Reticent May 13, 2016

    Then shouldn’t you update your web-site’s references that still advertise your Synergy edition
    There are a few distros based on DebIan Sid/Unstable – the excellent VSidO comes to mind.
    Have you looked into Tanglu? Their goals include avoiding “freeze” conditions…
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