Enabling Auto Login in Adrenaline v2.5

Autologin, as the name suggests, logs the user in the system without asking the initial username and password. By default, this facility is disabled in Adrenaline. But it’s quite easy to set it up. Follow the steps below.

Setting up AutoLogin in Adrenaline Gnome:

1. Hit ALT + F2. In the text box that opens up, give the following command and hit enter:

gksu gedit /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf

Open the daemon.conf file in Gedit for editing
This will open up the gdm3/daemon.conf file in Gedit Text Editor. We’ve to make some changes to this file.

2. Now carefully find these lines:

# Enabling automatic login
# AutomaticLoginEnable = true
# AutomaticLogin = user1

Next, remove the ‘#’ symbol from the last two lines. Also add your username in place of ‘user1’. My username is ‘utkarsh’. This is how my code snippet looks:

# Enabling automatic login
 AutomaticLoginEnable = true
 AutomaticLogin = utkarsh

Take a look at the screenshot below. I’ve highlighted the lines for you.

Un-comment the lines to enable autoLogin

3. That’s it. Save the file, close Gedit and restart your computer. The system will log you into Gnome session automatically from now on. Just in case you wish to disable autologin, just add ‘#’ symbol to those lines again. Simple!

Setting up AutoLogin in Adrenaline Mate:

1. Hit ALT + F2. Then in the text box give the following command:

gksu pluma /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

This will open the ‘lightdm.conf’ file for editing in Pluma Text Editor (similar to Gedit).

2. Now search the line that says ‘autologin-user’. Remove ‘#’ symbol at the beginning of the line and after ‘=’ symbol add your username.



Here, ‘utkarsh’ is my username.

Refer to the screenshot below. I’ve marked the line for you.

Open the lightdm.conf file in Pluma for editing

3. Save the file and close Pluma Text Editor. Restart your computer. Auto login should work in Adrenaline Mate now.


If you need any help, please comment or send an email. I’ll be right here to help you out!


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