Creating a Live USB – Adrenaline v2.5

We’re going to view two of the best programs available to create Live USBs – Unetbootin and YUMI. Unetbootin is a cross platform app available for Windows, Mac and Linux. YUMI is Windows-only. To create Live USB of Rebellin Adrenaline, there are some important considerations:

1. A flash drive with 4 GB capacity or more is recommended

2. Flash drive should be formatted with the FAT filesystem

3. Your computer should be able to boot through USB devices

That’s about it. The process is very simple. So I’ve provided only a single screenshot for each app.


1. For Windows and Mac, you can download Unetbootin from its official SourceForge Page. If you wish to use Unetbootin on Linux, it is recommended that you install it via the official repositories of your distribution. In Rebellin, you may give the following command in Root Terminal

apt-get update
apt-get install unetbootin

This will install Unetbootin and all the required shared libraries. Unetbootin should turn up in the ‘System Tools’ section of the menu.

2. Launch Unetbootin and in its bottom section, select the following:

Select ‘Disk Image’. Then click on the button with ‘three dots’ and select the iso image of Rebellin Adrenaline.

Then below, in the first drop-down, select USB Drive. And in the next drop-down, carefully select your flash drive.

Rebellin DOES NOT work well with persistence storage. Make sure the text box says ‘0’ in the ‘Space used to preserve files across reboots’ option!

Now click on the ‘Ok’ button

3. Done! Unetbootin will now write the ISO image to your flash drive. Reboot your computer once the process is complete.

Unetbootin Live USB creator


YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Integrator. Phew!) is a Windows-only app. But this one can create a multi-boot flash drive. That is, you can write multiple Linux distro ISOs in the same flash drive. For simplicity we will be creating a simple Live USB with the Adrenaline ISO image. Follow these steps:

1. Download YUMI executable from the and launch it.

2. Now make sure your selections are as follows:

In the first drop-down, select your flash drive. Also tick the ‘We will format’ checkbox.

In the distributions drop down list, select ‘Debian Live’.

Hit the ‘Browse’ button and select the Adrenaline ISO image on your computer.

3. Hit the ‘Create’ button below.

YUMI will start the process. It takes some time for the process to complete. Once that’s done, you may use this flash drive to launch Rebellin Adrenaline.

yumi multiboot creator

That’s it! You may now use this flash drive to run Rebellin in live mode or for installations.

If you’re facing any difficulties, write a comment or shoot me and email!


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