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Enabling TouchPad Tap-To-Click on Rebellin Mate

Okay. This one is quite an irritating issue – Touchpad settings are not available in Rebellin Mate. Ideally the Mouse Settings (System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Mouse) should look something as shown in the screen shot below.
But the ‘Touchpad’ tab itself is missing in Rebellin Mate. Not cool. I understand.

Why is this happening? For some reason the Synaptics Touchpad Driver is not being loaded in Rebellin Mate. Hmmm… I’ll look into this later. But first, here’s the quick fix. And mind you, it’s not that straightforward. But I’ve simplified the process for you as much as I could.

Step 1: Download the configuration file I’ve made. By default it’s downloaded in the Downloads folder in your Home folder.

Step 2: Start Root Terminal and navigate to the /etc/X11/ folder with the command below:

cd /etc/X11/

Be careful. The ‘X’ in X11 in the above command is capital X. Now check if the directory (folder that is) called ‘xorg.conf.d’ exists or not with the command below:


The above command lists files and folders. In most cases this directory won’t be present. If it’s not there create it with the command below:

mkdir xorg.conf.d

3. Copy the downloaded the file to the directory we just created with the command below:

cp /home/YOUR-USERNAME/Downloads/50-synaptics.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

Replace YOUR-USERNAME with your correct username. 😉

Done! Restart your computer. Your touchpad should work just fine. The Touchpad tab should be back in the mouse settings and Tap-to-click will also work automatically.

Hope this helps.