Adrenaline v2.5 stability fix

I’ve received several reports from users that Adrenaline Gnome freezes quite a lot. It’s true. It does. And we need to fix it right away!

Tracing the problem, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s some way related to the Gnome Terminal. To check if I was right or not, I did a week long experiment. I removed Gnome Terminal entirely and replaced it with Terminator – a really powerful yet simple Terminal Emulator. And it worked! It’s been a week and my Adrenaline Gnome has not frozen even once. It’s as stable as Synergy!

Time to stabilize our beloved Adrenaline Gnome! Let’s do this!

Step 1: Remove Gnome Terminal

Start Root Terminal (Menu -> System Tools -> Root Terminal). Then give the following command:

aptitude purge gnome-terminal

Don’t close Root Terminal just yet. We’ve to install Terminator!

Step 2: Install Terminator

Let’s first update the repos. Give the following command:

apt-get update

Now let’s install Terminator:

apt-get install terminator

Wait for a moment as the system will download and install Terminator. Once the process is complete you may close the Root Terminal with the following command:



Step 3: Update Adrenaline. (Not optional)

It’s important that you update Adrenaline to the latest packages. Follow this tutorial to update Adrenaline:

Step 4: Terminator preferences (Optional)

If you’d like to change colors and fonts in Terminator, it’s easy. Right click anywhere inside the Terminator window and select ‘Preferences’. A new window will open up where you can customize Terminator in any way you like. Here’s my Terminator customized to look like the standard Gnome Terminal:

Terminator - a powerful yet simple Terminal Emulator

Now when you select ‘Root Terminal’ from the menu, it will automatically start Terminator with root privileges as shown in the picture above.

All done! Adrenaline is now as stable as Synergy. No more freezes. No more irritations. No more loss of work!

Let me know if this works out for you. If you’re facing issues, email support is always available.




  1. Reply
    Marc April 2, 2015

    This fix works good i had already installed terminator, gnome-terminal was not an good idea too many freezes or collapsing terminals.

  2. Reply
    ladislao s. April 4, 2015

    is TODAY rebellin SYNERGY ready to be used as an every day use Distro? The reason of this cuestion is about the february iso. of rebellin synergy when it is installed to the hard drive, from the desktop>menu>admin>users and accounts, last one is missing from menu or via control center. Another issue is this one open synaptic and press the reload icon is needed to update manually all the packages-repositories>select all>Apply>wait to reload packages >close synaptic; then _do nothing_ because a background update is runing silent and (unatended) and finly one week latter all is OK?….i did it all that, but finally I decide formt nd wipe that rebellin partition. at that day rebellin sinergy wasn ‘t ready. My cuestion is if the issues or bugs and misses are ready fixed by the developers. I like the looks of synergy. push, push, push, aahhh…it comes …is a new rebellin synergy iso. … congratulati….

  3. Reply
    RebellinGal May 3, 2015

    I did not change the terminal because I don’t have any problems. Everything is working fine with Adrenaline.
    When will it be updated to Gnome 3:16?

    • Reply
      utkarshsevekar May 4, 2015

      Hey RebellinGal!

      I’m glad that Adrenaline is working fine for you. I’m currently working on Rebellin v3. There are plenty of updates planned including Gnome 3.16. I’ve not yet decided on a release date yet. But stay tuned. I’ll post and update on the website soon! 🙂


      – Utkarsh.

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