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Rebellin Linux 'Synergy 2.0' (Oct-2013) Released

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the latest Rebellin Linux release – Synergy v2.0 (October 2013). Rebellin is a modern, efficient, stable general purpose Linux distribution. That's just the beginning. Our goal is to bring top-notch, personal, unlimited email support to our customers at an affordable price. And here's v2.00 at your service, dear customers. Thank you so much for the amazing support and encouragement! We'll continue to serve you to the best of our abilities!

Based on Debian Wheezy with Backports

Customized Gnome Shell Desktop Environment

Out-of-the-box support for wifi, graphics, and peripherals

Multi-arch enabled 64-bit Synergy

Pre-installed Multimedia Codecs and Flash Plugin

Ultra light and responsive

Email support for the lifetime of the product

You can find detailed information on Rebellin Synergy here.

Remark: We are in process of updating the website. It may still show screenshots and information of the older version. Please bear with us. Thank you for your patience.

Here's a quick peek at the benefits of using Rebellin Synergy v2.00:

Lifetime Email Support

Top notch, unlimited, email support that lasts for the lifetime of the product - included in the price. We won't ask a dime more from you! You can learn about our email support here.

Customized Gnome Shell

Ease and fluidity of Gnome Shell coupled with the superbly efficient design of Gnome 2.x - see your productivity go straight up! Rebellin Synergy is so easy to use, you'll feel right at home!

Frugal and Practical

Synergy's designed with practicality in mind. Built with a no-nonsense approach from start to finish, you get a product that's practical and extremely resource friendly.

Performance Matters

Rebellin Synergy is perhaps the only modern full fledged distribution that can bring your long-discarded-ancient-hardware back to life! Will it give respectable speed? Yes.

Delivers all the essentials

We didn't cut corners and we didn't compromise. Rebellin Synergy delivers all the essentials. And delivers them just right. It should handle any task you may throw at it with no fuss.

Lasting stability and reliability

Rebellin Synergy is based on Debian Wheezy Backports. You get the stability of Debian Wheezy with newer packages from the backports such as a much recent kernel.

Tutorials and videos

Have you checked out the knowledgebase? Updated regularly, the tutorials are detailed and written with newbies in mind. If you have a tutorial request, please let us know. We'd love to fix it for you immediately!

A huge 'thank you' to Mr. Adalberto Mercandelli, Mr. Frieder Volkmar Samuel, Mr. Robin Schuman, Mr. Henry Wyatt, Mr. Daniel Stoian for the support, encouragement and valuable suggestions. Thank you for putting your faith in this project.

Download Rebellin Linux

Price is inclusive of Lifetime Email Support. No additional charges. If you are facing any difficulty in downloading Synergy v2.00, please contact us. We'll fix your issues immediately.

Rebellin Synergy 32 bit (i386)

Architecture: 32 bit (i386)
File type: ISO DVD Image
File Size: 1.6GB approx.
MD5 Sum: ad580f015120e793f9d14dc136a48453
Price: € 9.95 (Euro)


Rebellin Synergy 64 bit (x86-64/amd64)

Architecture: 64 bit (x86-64/amd64)
File type: ISO DVD Image
File Size: 1.6GB approx.
MD5 Sum: 8b75627e7cab165f44575cff8b3915ac
Price: € 9.95 (Euro)


Rebellin Knowledgebase

We have some great tutorials ready for you at the Rebellin Knowledgebase and we update them with new ones regularly. Please go through them. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial please let us know. We'd love to write one for you.

View Knowledgebase

Synergy v2.00 Screenshots

Click the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy. ;)