Firefox in your language? Here’s the tutorial.

By default, Rebellin packs in the English version of Firefox. One my great friends pointed out, that he wanted Firefox in Italian. So I thought, well, a lot of users may have such a need. So here’s a quick and easy way to do it. Let me clear one main doubt first:

So let’s proceed. Follow these steps:

1. Install your language pack from the link below. As an example, I’m installing Italian language pack:

Firefox Language Packs

To install, just click ‘Add to Firefox’.

Firefox Italian Language Pack

Add language pack to Firefox

2. Firefox will ask whether to allow the installation or not. Click ‘Allow’.


3. Firefox will open a new window to confirm installation. Click ‘Install Now’.


4. Firefox will then ask you to restart. The language won’t change even after restarting Firefox. But don’t worry. We have one last step to go.


5. Close Firefox. Now open gedit (Applications -> Accessories -> gedit Text Editor). Now drag the Firefox icon (Application -> Internet -> Firefox) inside gedit. It should open the shortcut for editing.

Drag Firefox to gedit

6. Now in ‘exec’ option after the path to Firefox, just add the following words:

-uilocale it

The ‘it’ stands for Italiano. Change it to suit your language. For example, ‘de’ for German Language Pack. Save the file and close gedit. Refer the screenshot for further understanding.

Add locale to icon

That’s it! Start Firefox now! Essa dovrebbe essere in italiano!

Firefox in Italian

If you have any problems, let me know.