Adrenaline: First Run

Rebellin Adrenaline comes with Gnome Shell, the next generation desktop environment. While we love its minimalistic approach, some users are completely turned off by this. Therefore we have included all the necessary tools to tame this beast and make it more productive, efficient and of course, user friendly!

This is a ‘First Run’ tutorial – you will have to complete the steps here just once. The whole thing will take around 10 minutes but you will be amazed how efficient your work suddenly gets! Gnome Shell becomes intuitive, fast and great fun to use. Why use forks when you can improve standard components?! Alright, let’s start!

Step 1: Activate Extensions

Rebellin Adrenaline comes with a set of amazing extensions. We have hand picked them for you! Let’s activate them all. If you don’t like some, you can very easily turn them off later. Every extension carries out a specific task.

1.1 Click on Activities menu in the top-left of the screen.

1.2 Click on Applications

1.3 Click on Advanced Settings

Start Advanced Settings application

1.4 Select Shell Extensions and activate all the extensions here.

Activate all the extensions

You would have noticed that some new things have popped up in the top panel of your desktop. Don’t close the application as we have to change some more settings here.

Step 2: Change Icon Theme and Window Border

We recommend you to change the icon theme and title theme. It makes the whole desktop even more beautiful. Trust me. You’ll like it. In the same Advanced Settings application, select Theme and change the following parameters:

2.1 Activate Menus Have Icons

2.2 Activate Buttons Have Icons

2.3 Change the Icon Theme to Faenza

2.4 Change the Window Theme to RebellinBorder

Set themes and other parameters

Step 3: Enable ‘Right Click’ and Desktop Icons

Now in Advanced Settings application, select Desktop and activate all the settings. You can leave Network Server Icon to OFF if you wish. I leave it OFF cos I don’t really require it anyway. 😉

Activate desktop icons and right click

Step 4: Change the Font Settings

Simply put, if you are happy with the way fonts are looking on your screen, don’t change anything. But just as a reference, I’ve given you my settings in the screenshot below. Try them. Select Fonts in Advanced Settings application and experiment with the fonts.

Try different font settings here

We are done here. If you wish, you can try some more customizations with this application. It gives you complete freedom to experiment with the Gnome Shell. If you are happy with the settings, you may now close the app.

Step 5: Minimize, Maximize and Menu buttons on Window Title Bar

You miss them and so do I. Really. The old gnome look was great. But no worries, it’s easy to get our beloved title bar buttons back! Follow these steps:

5.1: Fire up the new Menu. In System Tools, select dconf Editor.

Start the dconf editor

Just as a small analogy, playing with dconf Editor is like playing with Windows registry, just that dconf’s smarter, better, precise! 😉 Alright, no go through the following steps:

5.2 Expand org(Click on the ‘plus’ symbol to expand).

5.3 Expand gnome.

5.4 Expand shell.

5.5 Select overrides. Now on the right side, edit the value in button-layout key as:


And that’s it! You’re done! You got out your beloved buttons on the title bar of the window!

overrides to get title bar buttons

Step 6: Repository and Update Configurations

As you know by now, Rebellin Adrenaline is based on Debian Sid. That means, we now have to check whether the installer has added the repository or not to the system. This is an important step without which, your system wont be getting updates. Go through the steps below.

6.1 Start ‘Root Terminal’ from the menu. You will be asked for root password. Enter it. Once the terminal starts, give the following command:
gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

6.2 Gedit text editor will open the ‘sources.list’ file. This file will be containing some information filled up by the installer. Erase it all. And just add the following one line to it:
deb sid main contrib non-free
Now save and exit. You may also close the terminal by typing exit

Configure the sources.list file

6.2 Now open Synaptic Package Manager – click on Menu, then Administration, on the right Synaptic Package Manager. You may be asked for the root password. You will need internet connectivity for this step!

6.3 Click on the Reload button. This will reload your repositories. You will now be able to get updates and install additional software.
Update repositories using Synaptic

There’s one more important step. We need to lock one package ‘desktop-base’ as updating this package messes up Adrenaline’s artwork. It has no other effect on the OS. So don’t worry.

6.4 In Synaptic Package Manager, type desktop-base in Quick Filter. Now select the desktop-base package in the list below. Now from the Package Menu, select Lock Version

Lock the desktop-base version

Step 7: Update Adrenaline

Updating is very important and highly recommended. Updating the system will fix various security issues and bugs. Updating makes Adrenaline more stable and reliable. And it’s very easy too. You will need an active internet connection to perform OS Update.

7.1 In Synaptic, click on Mark All Upgrades. A small window will pop up to confirm changes. Click Mark.

Mark changes in synonyms

7.2 Click on Apply. Synaptic will then give you a summary of updates and the amount of data that will be downloaded. Click on Apply.

Apply the changes

And that’s it. Synaptic will then download and install all the necessary updates. A restart maybe required after completing the update process.

Note:Updating the system tends to use a lot of bandwidth and therefore it may cost you depending upon on ISP’s billing rates. Secondly, it’s a long process. Do no switch off your computer and do not update while using your computer on battery power. Sudden turns offs while updating may break the OS.

Well, that’s it for the First Run Instructions. Let’s wrap it up here. If you have any problems, please comment here or in the forums. I’m very happy to help you.