Under maintenance

We’re going for a complete overhaul of the website. The library may look all messed up from time to time. This is with regard to the v2.5 release. Rebellin 2.5 will be out in the month of December. It will be featuring the MATE Desktop Environment. Plenty of great stuff is planned. Stay tuned.

ATI Proprietary driver issues in Adrenaline

Adrenaline is no longer compatible with AMD Catalyst Graphics Drivers (aka ATI Proprietary). There! I said it! But it’s not our fault! The open source community has moved on to bigger and better things and have launched the spanking new XOrg  Server v1.16. The AMD Team, meanwhile has fallen behind, and their latest closed source binary does(…)

Using Discount Codes

We have now started offering discount codes to all our customers. Every time we release a new version, we offer discount codes to all our previous customers. We have come so far because of the trust and faith that customers like you have put in this project. And this is our way of saying ‘thank(…)

Installing Oracle Java/JDK in Adrenaline

Adrenaline carries the OpenJDK as its default Java Development Kit. OpenJDK is the future and though it has some catching up to do, it does the job well in most scenarios. To check the version of JDK in Adrenaline, you can use this command in the Root Terminal (Menu -> Accessories -> Root Terminal): java(…)

Installing VirtualBox in Adrenaline v2

VirtualBox is a general purpose virtualizer developed by Oracle. Now, Virtualization is a huge topic and won’t be covered in this tutorial. It only deals with the installation of this super-cool-running-one-os-inside-another-os software. Oh that defines virtualization by the way! Rather crudely. Anyway, the installation is extremely simple. Just 3 steps it takes. Here they are:(…)

Installing Steam Client in Adrenaline v2

Steam client installation in Adrenaline is going to be painless. An ‘apt-get install steam’ is all it takes! Let’s start. First, we’ll update the repos. Fire up the Root Terminal (Menu -> Accessories -> Root Terminal) and give the following command: apt-get update Now install Steam Client with this command: apt-get install steam During installation,(…)